Here you can find out more about the choirs and groups of musicians who help to provide music at Lancaster Cathedral. At the foot of this page there are also details of vacant positions for those who wish to get involved.


Cathedral Choristers

Currently the Choristers sing primarily at Christmas and Easter masses.   They are taken from the Cathedral Primary School and are chosen by invitation.  They have performed music by Saint-Saens, Elgar and our own Dr J. H. Reginald Dixon. They number around twenty, with five chosen as senior choristers; some are former Cathedral Primary pupils who have moved on to secondary schools.


Cathedral Ladies’ Choir

We have a very faithful group of Ladies in our choir which sings at Mass most Sundays. Most live in the parish or have connections to the Cathedral itself. We hope that in future the Cathedral Ladies will grow in number and be a choir in its own fully-fledged form. If you are interested in joining, contact the Cathedral.


Cathedral Gentlemen

The Gentlemen assist the Ladies in the regular Sunday singing. They often sing the psalm and, like the Ladies, seek to grow in number. New members are always welcome. Interested? Contact us